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(Recounting the start of her journey to Fryderyk)
So there I was, trudging through ankle-deep snow wearing all-season watersilks, carving my path to Vlaytock... The snowy vista is breathtaking, but all I can think of is how it's only been a couple of days of travel and I already screwed up. I'm freezing my tail off. I prefer to travel light, so I was thinking, like, 'It's fine, ah, I'm apkallu, the cold is no problem'. Yeah... well... turns out there's a limit to that. I'm no ozrut with my cold tolerance. I wasn't in any danger but it wasn't fun. You are very nice and warm, by the way. I wouldn't have had any trouble if I had you with me.

(Denying her role in the Marchioness' death to Kahtee and Princess)
I SAID I was SORRY! And I'm innocent! I didn't do anything except stand there, watching, in full support of everything that was going on and doing nothing to stop it! I swear!

(Encouraging Lamina to enter the underbelly)
You could totally talk your way in there. I'm pretty sure even if they're not associated with you, they're worshipping that same entity. You're dressed the same. Just be like, 'Yo, I'm here for the blood ritual', or whatever it is you do.

(Stepping over a passed-out drunk in the underbelly)

Dropped right there and pissed yourself, did you? Ugh. I'm kinda busy right now. Keep enjoying your afterglow.

(Describing Fryderyk to Elzbieta)
N-no, it's not... he's... about a head taller than you. A bit more vivid shade of blue. Handsome face, straight nose, straight brows, brown eyes... well-muscled arms and shoulders... cute nubby little horns like this, though. Not all tall and elegant like yours.

(Eating Govannon's sister's food)
Oh, if you're not feeling hungry, I'll eat that! Even if you take some bites out of that and don't want to finish, I'll finish it! Just so you know... for future.

(To Maut, relaying their meeting with Bronislaw and being invited to have an audience with Bogumir)
Bronislaw believes it may be possible to reach an agreement of some sort. He uh, has some ideas in his head... I'm not sure convincing the mountain lord's going to be as easy as he thinks, but, well, I've been thinking about some way to open dialog with him ever since this whole... thing, has been brought to us. At least now we have somebody in the family on our side, y' know? A way in to begin some sort of negotiation. A way that isn't like, "oh hey, your wife has been sneaking around spilling family secrets to outsiders, and that's how we know you have a problem". Or like, "we're really sorry, but we kind of went through your home in the dead of night and decided not to kill anyone".

(Bullying Eiiwen)
Ah, yes, the one lacking any sort of real... "assets" has something she thinks is witty to add. Never seen that before.

(Antagonizing a villager in Ameryswald)
Why are you bothering me, peasant? Didn't your mother teach you it's impolite to stare?

(Goading Rudi, who was just stabbed through the chest by Old Stejar)
Is that all it takes to break you? Stand and accept the old growth's demand, or return to the threshold and send me the one who will! If you don't move, I'm going to toss you back like a fish to the deep!

(Introducing her familiar to Diondra)
Mmm~ I see... a soldier, then. Explains the physique... He was a gift. From my patron. He's been my one true friend for a very, very, very long time. Haven't you, you rotten-toothed prick?

(His self-introduction before the mountain lord, Bogumir)
I am Govannon, born of the distant hearth, sworn to the geas of Ifran and scorned by Geb. I answered the call of my lords and followed in the footsteps of my blood to these lands, to march against the soldati, and by keen and by might we ousted them. And for this? We cut down by the blood of Geb - but know this! I took their lives and their master's name!

(Speaking to his sister, who is in magical slumber)
By the weight of geas, by the sway of the blood and by the wind's grace... I am here. My failure has snared you once again. But you must show the strength I know you keep... Wake, wake from this place and return to the path with me.

(Answering a question about her name, and objecting to the idea of being "born")
Perhaps they fashioned me after one. But aside from my name and autonomy, I fear there isn't much behind the title ... "Born" is a rather strong word for my pedigree, is it not? We are, after all, made to function.

(To Kasumi, who is surprised by the state of Broken Horn, Kasimir's home village)
You assume this venture places any value on sentiment or provocation. The ozrut said it himself, that they were "grave stealing". Whoever is here is pulling valuables, as if each edifice and construct were just ore to be mined.

(Being spoken to and then ditched by several party guests at Serevey's gala)
That was rather fast, again. I don't know if I am popular or unpopular.

(Introducing Uru Reio to his party guests)
Now we shall experience a ritual from the mysterious and secretive wandering islands. My personal guest, Uru Reio, is steeped in unknown lore, hailing from a mist-shrouded and undiscovered land. Our host met him while cast away on the Mor Dyfn years ago and this savage savant's own journeys since have led him to civilzed shores.

(Introducing Kasumi to his party guests)
Everyone~ Come one and all, listen to the star of this year's Festival of Apsu. Hear her voice, rich with the secrets of the apkallu masters, fall under the spell of her instrument, the pinnacle of ancient craftsmanship, passed down just as were the lessons of civilization. What is civilization, fellow free-thinkers, without the graces of art and jubilation?

(Reacting to Kasumi bringing Hozysh as her plus one guest)
You silly mackerel, you sea-cow! First your stunt with the dice, and now this? What have I done to you? Is this some attempt at blackmail? Because I assure you, I have no shame!

(Having a tantrum, prompted by Lamina)
I'm a kept woman, is that what you want to hear? That this finery is for my own benefit? That it is a fine thing to wait on a petty tyrant? To bear the disdain and whispers of... BAH!

(Giving Kasumi romantic advice)
Men can be enticed by a fine meal, even if seafood is not their usual fare. Breast, flank, filet - for most, it is only a matter of presentation. Convince him to take a bite, and he will learn to appreciate the dish and seasoning.

(Talking to Kasumi)
Caravan life's not for everyone. It's a lot of traveling, without getting anywhere.

(A sending spell reply to Kasumi)
Miss you. Hope we meet again soon. I don’t like telling fish stories about the one that got away. Kahtee is fine. See you.

(Flirting with Kasumi)
I do think... that your legs are the best I've seen along miles of rail.

(Telling "The True Story of How Cerednite Formed"... until he forgets the rest)

(Explaining his boss, the King, controls the brothels in Ranute's Gifts, and wants to investigate the secretive new sex cult)
It's supposed to be all in fun, what happens under the streets! Ranute taking her praise, giving back a good time, right? And to make sure nobody gets hurt, those ekstatikoi need someone looking out for them. That's the King of Rafters and Roots! See? But this bunch doesn't wanna play it safe. Who knows what they're really up to down there? People talk, and they say some of the praising that goes on isn't all fun.

(On being told by Kasumi that the party will be leaving Keltokel)
Huh... yeah... I guess you guys did all you came here for. That'll be a shame. You livened the place up. Great music! Ecstatic cults in the underbelly! Rumors about tylwyth curses, and attacks by monsters at a temple! A soldati prison riot!? It's been the Bargainer's own couple of weeks, right? So, where are you going? More adventures?

(Talking to Fryderyk, confirming the party left Keltokel - old/outdated voice model)
Yeah, they left. Shame. I'm gonna miss Kasumi. We kinda had a moment together, but, y'know, the time wasn't right. Cycles, y'know?

(While he's drunk, Kasumi shows him that she has the pair of his dice that vanished
- old/outdated voice model)
Saw my face, what are you even talking about? You tell me! You stole ‘em! If you wanted your stuffed fish back, all you had to do was ask! No need to go stealing my dice from me before we even met! ... I had them forever and they never did anything special until they pulled that disappearing act. I wouldn’t even claim they were lucky... I think I got them from... my mother, yeah... from her when I was little.

(Denying that the rumiany will have trouble with the stone guardian)
We rumiany are made of tougher stuff than lowlanders! None of us would be afraid to dodge the glazwarta to get it to stand where it belongs. Mm, if we could open it completely, that would be easier, though ... We should go back, um, if anything else is lurking down here, it'll hear your stomach and come running.

(Planning his next moves with the party)
I could escort you down to the vill-... no, that wouldn't work. Father needs to hear about the chambers and caverns from me, not my, um, brother. Maybe I'll visit instead. If there's time. You know, to show peaceful intentions. And if you need help going into the Gluchy?

(While carrying Kasumi up the hill)
That is the other thing I'm angry about. I don't know what to do with you... This isn't really a kidnapping. You know, like Bogumila probably said. I know you have to leave, and you'd probably take me and the whole cave on if I tried, and... ughhh... I just wanted to spend some time with you.

(Speculating on Bogumila's condition with the party)
Maybe it's not Bogumila they want, but she's a way to... Whoa, wait, you really think that your highborn lady cursed her somehow?

(Speaking to her little sister Kasmut, thinking about the future)
What do you think? Will we be great healers? Or Neath's warriors? Or take care of others that lost their parents? Or... are you... going to walk, or ride in the cart? Let's start with that.