????? Geb forms the earth from his body and divides the waters from the earth

????? Serpents are lifted from the dust and given dominion from horizon to horizon

YD 0 Apkallu teach the iaret engineering

YD 1050 Star falls on Mor Dyfn and pierces Apsu’s breast

YD 2100 Suzerainty dynastic succession begins

YD 2900 Jewel Cities founded

YD 3590 Iaret build new city atop ruins of Keltokel

YD 4100 Humans discovered in western steppes

YD 4850 Extent of Suzerainty expansion to the south

YD 5300 The Great Khet

YD 5720 Wars in the south

YD 5900 The Folly is cast

YD 6050 The Retreat

YD 6105 The Keizai treaties written

YD 6300 Baltine nations rise

YD 6550 Baltine Troubles

YD 6580 Alliance of Baltine states formed

YD 6640 The Assemblage of Khalq is declared

YD 6700 War of Mountain Passes

YD 6705 Keizai treaties re-affirmed as buffer zone

YD 6830 1st Mercantile War

YD 6850 Polto formed by treaty

YD 6860 Free States of Balt formed

YD 6890 Tide Kingdoms form

YD 6920 2nd Mercantile War

YD 6930 Dovenhead becomes independent from Balt

YD 6950 Last of Baltine states unified

YD 6983 The Gate War

YD 6985 Appearance of Tylwyth

YD 6993 The Spasm

YD 6994 Child Dynast ascends Suzerainty and Hierophant assumes regency

YD 6996 The Polto Plagues

YD 6998 Today