A Languid Tale - The Breakfast Debt
Author: DM
Summary: A piece of in-universe fiction. A short story about an encounter with a muruch known as Shile, the Busybody.

Govannon's Vignette

Author: Govannon's Player
Summary: A point in Govannon's life prior to the events of the campaign. Hiding away on a rooftop after pickpocketing a man, Govannon reflects on his present situation and his regrets.

Lamina's Vignette
Author: Lamina's Player
Summary: At an Inn, Lamina is forced to share a table with two men who can't resist commenting on her appearance and speculating on her nature. A third man approaches, seeking a favor. (Note: This snippet was originally written in second-person - the perspective character has been changed into a third-person character for readability.)

Lamina's Introduction

Author: Lamina's Player
Summary: Prior to the events of the campaign, Lamina wakes with strange injuries and a fragmented memory.