Acenath - fallen iaret protege of Mejten.  She relays orders to the Belligedor in Keltokel.  Has a very low opinion of mercenaries.

First Servant Achencheres - iaret high priest of Tatlankel.  Dark-scaled, with red bands.  Adherent of bloody Zeelite practices of worship.

Hem Agah - muruch priest at the House of Cycles in Keltokel and former privateer.  Long, silver-blue hair and scar across one eyebrow, pale complexion.  Has previous experience with lycanthropes during the Gate War.  Helped cure Kasmut’s lycanthropy.

Aged Drum-maker - female iaret drum-maker in Tatlankel.  Old, with dark and dull scales.  Can enchant instruments.

Dynast-in-Waiting Ain Neathoker Amentahal - iaret noble from a very ancient and respected family.  May have been a target of the Marchioness’ seduction or other plot.

Theoricus Aldert - human man originally from Balt.  An explorer working for the Cerulegilt.  Captured and interrogated by the travelers.

Alu - iaret seen in Braith’s dream.  Lover of Wewet.  Helped save Wewet from assassin and escape from Keltokel.  Hid her in his home village.  May have been Hemet Maut’s son.

Antarta - iaret dancer and hierodule of the Temple of the Sun’s Disk in Keltokel.  Very open and friendly.  Beautiful and adept at showing off that appeal.  Greenish scales.  Competed against Kasumi in the Festival of Apsu’s Welcome, 6998 and took third place.

Anya - rumiany ozrut locksmith, junior shopkeep in Pumptown and younger sister of Oliwia.  Shy around others, but more adventurous than her sister.

Arreeda - human sorcerer at Manse of Withdrawal.  Dead.  Killed by sova.  Was from Moonstone, understood tylwyth language.  Was the primary interrogator of Braith.

Arumi - siluriform apkallu woman, tailor in Widpool.  Kasumi’s best friend as a child.

Wabet Aykris - human priestess of the Temple of the Sun’s Disk in Keltokel.  Large, middle-aged.  Helped organize the Festival of Apsu’s Welcome, 6998.

“The Father” Barbarac - human warlock and cult leader devoted to the Fathomless in Keltokel.  Wild-eyed and bearded.  Was once more sane before encountering the Marchioness and somehow gaining magical power from her.

Bazyli - rumiany ozrut bandit leader and rival of Bogumir.  Has some brothers.  Killed by Bogumir’s band.

Beggar at the Alleyway Tirtha - iaret beggar and possibly priest of the Horizon Walker.  Old and grimy, with a very deep voice.

Bettia - middle-aged human woman, cultist in the Father’s congregation, ersatz housekeeper.

Bhuchung - apkallu monk and performer of chants and acrobatics.  Grouchy and standoffish personality.  Competed against Kasumi in the Festival of Apsu’s Welcome, 6998 and took first place.

Biron - human Steward-in-Training caravanner aboard the Keizai Princess.  Young, very agile.

Bogumila - rumiany ozrut daughter of Bogumir.  Sometimes known as the Mountain Heir.  Extremely sickly in childhood due to a curse.  Speaks common imperfectly and with a heavy accent.  Delivered to Keltokel by the travelers where her curse was lifted.  Learning to cast spells from Kasumi.

Bogumir - rumiany ozrut bandit leader, father of Borys, Byrnard, Bronislaw and Bogumila, husband of Elzbieta.  Sometimes known as the Mountain Lord.  Terrorized the Ameryswald region as far as Krantz.  In payment for the travelers saving him from being murdered by Borys, and for taking Bogumila to seek a cure for her curse, he swore not to threaten Ameryswald anymore. Lover of Kasumi.

Captain Boreegparan - human commander of Baltine State Vanguard forces in Keltokel and member of Alliance detachment.  Involved in strike-breaking.

Borland - iaret innkeeper and owner of the Borland Arms in Vlaytock.  Black haired, topknot.

Borys - rumiany ozrut eldest son of Bogumir and leader of many bandit raids.  Charismatic, violent, cruel, and smart.  Long, spiky white hair.  Attempted to murder Bogumir during a parley with the travelers.  Killed by the travelers.

Braith - tylwyth adolescent and younger sister of Govannon.  Born on Geb.  Traumatized by the death of her family aside from Govannon.  Following this, she was raised by Govannon until she was kidnapped by agents of the Marchioness.  Talented in divination magic.  Originally summoned Ffefryn.  Rescued from Belligedors at Manse of Withdrawal.

Braun - human moneylender in the employ of Magnicate Reckoning.  Tasked with managing the Marchioness’ finances just before her death.

Host-Armorer Broketeeth - soldati armorer in the Place of Assessment.  Able to work with soldacier and enchant gear.  Reforged Govannon’s spear.  Very ebullient and mocking sense of humor.

Bronislaw - rumiany ozrut youngest son of Bogumir.  The smartest of Bogumir’s sons and a skilled archer.  Long, spiky white hair.  Helped broker peace between Bogumir and the travelers in return for them removing Elzbieta from Bogumir’s presence.  Lover of Kasumi.

Brubelt - human Belligedor infantryman at Manse of Withdrawal.

Burghman - one of the Cerulegilt carpet pilots.

Buriash Rinpoche - apkallu ascetic monk and close advisor of the Marchioness.  Originally met her in the Suzerainty following the Gate War and Spasm.  Held very esoteric beliefs on time and existence and was instrumental to her plans.  Killed by the travelers on the Keizai Princess.

Byrnard - rumiany ozrut middle son of Bogumir.  The strongest and least smart of Bogumir’s sons.  Long, messy black hair, large even for an ozrut.  Beat Govannon in a duel to the first blood.  The current heir apparent to Bogumir.

Caissan - tylwyth armorer in the Cantonment.  Violet eyes, wiry build.  Knew of and respected the work of Ifran.

“The Child Dynast” - iaret Suzerain.  Very young for rulership, and subject to regency of the Hierophant.

Chisisi - young iaret village elder from Motke - met as a refugee

Ciauza - beastkin cultist of the Fathomess in the Father’s congregation.  Quiet and submissive.

Cloth-of-Gold - papuga, always dressed with a little gold thread.  Fascinated by fashions.  Writes “Raiment Under the Queen of the Skies” for the Proclaimer.

Antistitia Corline Graver - human woman, priestess of Geb’s pantheon.  Liberation theologian.

Crazy Kazemde - ptak purveyor of the finest used carts in all of Tatlankel.  Must be bird-brained to offer such amazing deals!

Crippled Jeen - kruk ptak pirate, rogue, and associate of the Marchioness.  Eyepatch.  Vicious brigand with a cruel sense of humor and impudent streak.

“Crossbow” Jym - human skirmisher and member of the Belligedor mercenary company. Mustached. Surprisingly good shot and canny survivalist.

Captain “Cyclops” - soldati warrior of the Earthbreakers.  Killed late in the Gate War.

Cynedyr - tylwyth swordsman now hiding and prospecting for silver in Ameryswald.  Participated in the last battles of the Gate War at Keltokel.  Fine featured, with a slight goatee.  Traumatized by the war, may be a coward.  Owner of Drewi.

Denis “the Sanguine” Perfaltec - human duelist, close advisor and former lover of the Marchioness.  Bitter and jealous.  Related to a Baltine magnate and used his vast wealth to bankroll her.  Last lived in Grawben.  Also lived at Sanghire estate.

Drewi - gillermoi beast of burden belonging to Cynedyr.  Malodorous and ill-tempered.

Diondra the Holy - muruch woman, paladin, fought in Keltokel resistance during the Gate War.  Wears bronze armor, uses a spear and tortoise shield.  Platinum blonde, green scales.  Likes women.  Was attracted to Lamina.

Dirrick - human magewright and alchemist in Pumptown.  Experiments with soldacier.

Abbot Dolkar Damdul - cyprinid apkallu monk and philosopher.  Extremely old, with long raggedy barbels.  Candidate for Dynastic Architect, supported by the Hierophant.

Doyvet - human Khalqist Hedj guide.  Assisted the Marchioness with exploration in the west.

Dygerzen - human.  Possible old confidant or mentor of the Marchioness.

Elzbieta - markotny ozrut wife of Bogumir, stepmother to Bogumila and current companion of the travelers.  Originally attempted to embroil travelers in a plot to murder her husband and his sons.  Long, wavy black hair, copper-colored eyes.  Very conscious of her appearance, loves jewelry, cosmetics, and fine clothing.  Good cook.  Determinedly pursuing Govannon.  Originally fled her home village after being spurned by her older cousin in favor of another woman.  Was introduced to Bogumir by the Marchioness for purposes unknown.

Etirum - iaret townsman of Widpool, mage, and former lover of Kasumi.  White scales, spectacles, handsome.  Flat, clinical personality.

Evardo - soldati possible associate of the Marchioness.

Ffefryn - tiny lightning elemental.  Originally summoned by Braith.  Left behind in jar bound with wax rubric at Ameryswald Keep.  Now Kasumi’s familiar.

First Servant Bekkar - iaret priest and head of the priesthood in Keltokel.  Knew Maut a long time ago.  Oiled white topknot and full beard in ringlets.  Has taken an interest in Princess’ education.

The Flower of Knighhood - Absent Royalty.  Dressed in impenetrable armor of flower petals.  Peerless warrior, paragon of chivalric ideals.  

Fryderyk - markotny ozrut engineer on the Keizai Princess, skilled blacksmith and lover of Kasumi.  Originally from Nagrobki in the north of Balt.

Garnoc - tylwyth emissary of Chimes.  Talented singer.  Competed against Kasumi in the Festival of Apsu’s Welcome, 6998 and did not place.  His entry was to disrupt the festival.  White veil, breastplate, circlet of some sort.

Han-Usen - iaret cultist of the Fathomess in the Father’s congregation.  Unpleasant personality, filthy mouth.

Haymin - iaret Belligedor infantryman at Manse of Withdrawal.

Henoed - eldest hag who haunted Braith’s dreams.

The Herald - Absent Royalty.  Rides a misshapen, lizard-like horse, bears a hunting horn to announce his arrival and endless parchment on which is recorded all oaths of the kindred.  Delivers the words of the Royalty to their tylwyth vassals.

“The Hierophant” - iaret leader of priesthood.  Regent of the Suzerainty due to the minority in age of the Child Dynast.

Captain Himilco - iaret Belligedor captain in charge of detachment at Manse of Withdrawal.  Critically injured by sova in the last attack on the Manse.

Hors - draft horse purchased in Krantz by the travelers.  Pulls their cart.

Hozysh - longtooth beastkin lookout, tout, and petty thief in the employ of the King of Roots and Rafters.  Young, cheerful and ambitious, presents himself as more influential than he is.  Yellow hair, yellow eyes, somewhat catlike in appearance.  Learning magic from Serevey.

Ifran aep Ynyr - tylwyth armorer.  Famed for his legendary craftsmanship.  Govannon has equipment made by him.  Govannon’s grandfather.

Inge - human farmer in Ameryswald, wife of Zeeger.  Thinks her husband takes too long at things.

Irena - rumiany woman of Broken Horn.  Older sister to Janusz.

Janusz - rumiany man of Broken Horn.  Involved in the blood-mixing ritual that created Kasimir somehow.  Younger brother of Irena.

Hemet Jendayi - human priestess of Geb at the Abode of Geb, Lifegiver in Keltokel.  Very businesslike, a devoted healer.  Helped remove Bogumila’s curse.

Jhangmu - cyprinid apkallu woman, philosopher and monk.  Very old and small, silvery scales.  Member of the Order of the Lord of Secrets.  

Jimyuoin Uchitoki - scrombrid apkallu monk and philosopher.  Believes in modernization of the Suzerainty.  Candidate for Dynastic Architect.

Sirdar Jom Zarenburg - human veteran of the Baltine State Vanguard, now commanding the Suzerain’s Strong Arms.  Supposedly very capable, and working hard to reform the military of the Suzerainty.  Loyal to the Child Dynast.

Courier Jozeer - beastkin courier.  Works for Strong Arms.  Dark brown pelt.

Jurek - markotny man of Broken Horn.  Involved in the blood-mixing ritual that created Kasimir somehow.  Older brother of Wanda.

Kahtee Cayliss - human assistant stoker on the Keizai Princess.  Stocky young woman apprenticed to Fryderyk.  Good sense of humor.

Kaori Kuroihire - apkallu jeweler of Widpool working in polished coral and mother of Kasumi.  Taisho sanke coloration, much shorter fins than Kasumi.

Karo-amat - Baltine iaret Belligedor medic at Manse of Withdrawal.  As the most educated survivor, she became the informal 2nd in command.

Kasmut - iaret priestess in training, granddaughter of Maut and younger sister of Princess.  Traumatized and malnourished during the Gate War, does not speak.  Pale hair, parchment-colored skin, dark eyes, less refined features than her sister.  May have prophetic abilities shown in her simple drawings.  Was infected with lycanthropy by Neddu during his kidnapping attempt, but was cured with the help of the travelers in Keltokel.  Entered training at the Temple of the Sun’s Disk in Keltokel.

Kaumari - human factory worker and amateur dancer in Keltokel.  Originally from Baltine States.  Acrobatic, dark-skinned.  Competed against Kasumi in the Festival of Apsu’s Welcome, 6998 and took fourth place.

Kenta Kuroihire - apkallu fisherman of Widpool and father of Kasumi.  Easygoing personality, amateur singer and lute player.  Black scales, slightly bulging eyes.

Khem - female beastkin servant of Sixth Eferu’s household.  Glossy black pelt.  Used to convey sensitive information to the travelers.

“The King of Roots and Rafters” - papuga ptak crime boss in Yaskel.  Loud, fussy, prideful demeanor.  Bright yellow feathers, colorful and expensive clothes.  Employs Kasimir and Hozysh.  Used to have an agreement with the Marchioness.

Kortig - human man, middle-aged.  Master artificer.  Personally designed the Marchioness’ bombard.

Geshe Kunga Karatsu - scombrid apkallu monk and philosopher.  Believer in esoteric teachings on the nature of fate and time.  Possibly connected to Buriashe.  Candidate for Dynastic Architect.

Kurti Franklist - human possibly involved with the Order of the Lord of Secrets.  May have been assassinated on the orders of the Marchioness.

Larcas Hightower - beastkin man, architect and magnate.  Sometimes called the Dynast of Hrakel.  Made his fortune building Hrakel.

“The Lieutenant” - soldati warrior, formerly of Earthbreakers 4th Platoon, lover of Perito.  Employed by the Marchioness to watch over the keep at Ameryswald.  Briefly fought Govannon before being allowed to leave Ameryswald with the rest of the soldati.

Llysfam - middle hag who haunted Braith’s dreams.  Dead.  Killed by Lamina.

“The Lucid Belle” - tylwyth emissary of Chimes.  Spokeswoman of Garnoc’s entourage.  Fur-trimmed blue cloak, half-veil, bright red lips.

Ludomir - ozrut male, artificer, tall and thin, black hair, mismatched horns.  Forge in Calcite.  Glum gossip.

Lupeen - veteran beastkin guard at Krantz.  Grey hair, yellow eyes.  Grizzled.

Malviya - human artificer (historical) - one of the artificers involved in the invention of yanta.  Known for eccentric designs.

Martyna - elder rumiany woman.  From village on north slope of Horned Mountain.  Narrowly escaped attack by sova that wiped out her village.

The Master of Hounds - Absent Royalty.  Trains and cares for the hounds of the Court.  A hunter and tracker beyond compare.

Hemet Maut - iaret priestess of the Temple of the Sun on the Mountain in Ameryswald.  Parchment-colored skin, very old but supposedly very beautiful in her youth.  Somehow knew the current First Servant of Keltokel back then.  Ad hoc leader of Ameryswald due to age and wisdom.

Mediolanu Derranat - human dilettante, socialite and adventurer.  Known for organizing exotic hunting trips.  Fabulously wealthy.  Manor half-burned by Cerulegilt agents.

Mehhur - iaret headman of Nurshut.  Old and circumspect.

Mehras the Layabout - blue water muruch loiterer in Keltokel.  Slightly bluish skin and hair.  Advised Kasumi on local shopping options.

Mejten - fallen iaret enforcer in the service of the Marchioness.  Deeply indebted to her for some service.  Known to be a brutal and merciless fighter.  Topknot, long mustache and goatee, coral snake coloration.

Moguchi - cyprinid apkallu man, barkeep in Widpool.

Moswen - iaret cultist of the Fathomess in the Father’s congregation.  Voluptuous body, face rather plain.

Mykolaj - ozrut armorer in the House of Beauty.  Able to work with soldacier due to employing renegade stretti.

“The Navarchus” - possibly the overall commander of the Belligedor mercenary company.  Personal banner might be a fish jumping over the sun.

Hem Nebwenenef - iaret priest at the Temple of Renewed Praise and aide to the First Servant.  Tall and thin, almost cadaverous.  Sometimes deals with less savory matters so the First Servant doesn’t have to.

Neddu - iaret villager of Ameryswald and conscript of the Satrapy of Bracken during the Gate War.  Was infected with lycanthropy during the Gate War and became a wererat.  Deserted and returned to Ameryswald where he was hidden in the Old Mill by his mother.  Obsessed with Princess.  Killed by the travelers following his attempt to kidnap Princess and Kasmut.

The Nodwyddau Princess - Absent Royalty.  Wears a gown made of silvery needles and wields the Asgwrn, a rapier which can pierce any heart.  The ideal of feminine beauty and cunning.

Nofre Tumiri - iaret bureaucrat in Polto.  Corrupt.

Nykodem - markotny ozrut magewright of avayav in Pumptown.

Captain Nonkey Raven - beastkin captain of scouts for the Belligedor mercenary company.  Defeated and crippled by the travelers on the Keizai Princess and defeated again in the Keltokel Gate Laboratory.

“The Ochre Knight” - tylwyth emissary of Chimes.  Wears a stained suit of full plate.  Didn’t speak.  Member of Garnoc’s entourage.

Oernuf, 16th of his name - iaret noble and former soldier.  Old friend of Suten-ka Anemhemti.  Build the Manse of Withdrawal.

Olabisi - iaret woman.  Writes “Word at the Crossroads” for the Proclaimer.  Very gregarious.

Old Stejar - ancient spectral tree that dominates the heart of Gluchy Forest.  Malign, but bound by ancient agreements that allow mortals to harvest from the forest in safety.

Oliwia - rumiany ozrut owner of a locksmith shop in Pumptown and older sister of Anya.

Hostlord Onorino - soldati commander of forces in the Satrapy of Bracken.

Bloodlord Paluzzi - soldati commander of the Earthbreakers regiment.  Active in Satrapy of Bracken until assassination late in the Gate War.

Palludas - one of the Cerulegilt carpet pilots.

“The Papuga Bookbinder” - papuga ptak bookbinder working for the Tall Bookbinder in the Scales of Gold.  Green plumage.  Sold a spellbook to Govannon to give to Bogumila.

“The Pastor” - unknown person from New Bethel.  Ally of the Marchioness.

Pawyl - rumiany ozrut bandit leader and rival of Bogumir.  Has some sons.

Engineer Perito Ilari - soldati druid, formerly a member of Earthbreakers, 4th Platoon, lover of the “Lieutenant.”  Short hair, small tusks.  Employed by the Marchioness to watch over the keep at Ameryswald.  Defeated and later charmed by the travelers.  Helped broker peaceful departure of the surviving soldati from the keep.

Phouris - iaret moneylender in the employ of the Chamber of Double Silver in Keltokel.  Used to manage the Marchioness’ finances.

Prinz - human Belligedor infantryman at Manse of Withdrawal.

Ra-i - iaret cultist of the Fathomess in the Father’s congregation.  Might have been drugged.

Ra-Thures - iaret warrior attempting to find Neddu.  May have known him while a soldier for the Satrapy of Bracken.  Infected with lycanthropy and a wererat.  Leader of a group of wererats which attempted to kidnap Kasmut in Keltokel.  Killed by the travelers.

The Regal Woman - human woman seen in Braith’s dream.  May have been a priestess of some sort.  Fought the occupying soldati along the border of Balt and Polto. Dead.  Killed by her congregation for the vicious reprisals she inflicted on collaborators with the soldati.

Rudi - human woodcutter in Ameryswald.  Helped by Lamina and Kasumi to perform the ritual in the Gluchy Forest to induct new woodcutters and help insure the village’s survival.  Young and ambitious.  Became a warlock of Old Stejar.  Lover of Lamina.

Roodra Kaulitz - beastkin magewright specializing in avayav prosthetics. Unruly, fluffy hair. Incorporates Druidic traditions in her art.

Rosber - human Belligedor crossbowman at Manse of Withdrawal.

Captain Samilicapi - apkallu man, ship captain.  Captain of the Meren, Beloved of Ranute.  Businesslike, private, runs a tight ship.  Loud voice.

Satoshi - fish.  Purchased by Kasumi from apkallu fishermen in Apsu Shining.  Adventured with her in sunken Yaskel.  Later eaten by Kasumi.

“Old” Scimyn - rumiany ozrut man, bandit in Bogumir’s gang.  Skinny, old, a near-elder.  Was always nice to Bogumir’s children, carved a set of miniatures for Bronislaw.

Marchioness Sebastienne Goeth - human woman, with flashing eyes and a hard, beautiful face.  Hero during Gate War, monster in the Spasm, villainess, dilettante, and debauched libertine in the years that followed.  May have been “Maaya” in her youth.  Lover of Eiiwen.  Secretly founded the Belligedors.  Student of Buriash.  Ordered the kidnapping of Braith.  Stole Lamina’s power in the city of Jade.  Sponsored both the King of Roots and Rafters and Barbarac.  Involved in a mysterious plot with powerful political and magical forces.  Killed by Eiiwen.  Her plots are still in motion.

Second Hek - fallen iaret apothecary in Tatlankel’s Precinct of Reeds.  Murdered and robbed, possibly as part of Cerulegilt plot.

Serevey Snakewisdom - beastkin philosopher, occultist and socialite in Keltokel.  Consulted by the Marchioness on her mysterious plans.  The Marchioness didn’t trust him and may have plotted to murder him.  Teaching Hozysh magic.  Assisting the travelers.

Sydel Lorber - human Belligedor asset guard at Manse of Withdrawal.  Only survivor of Braith’s protection detail.

Shaky Amkhu - papuga procurer, former adventurer, possible swindler.  Worked with Oernuf, 16th of his name on Manse of Withdrawal.

Constable Shenu-aa - iaret noble in Dovenhead.  Very aged, from an ancient and distinguished family.  Rules lands which include Widpool.

Simut - iaret headman of Ameryswald.  Killed by the Marchioness when he asked for aid for the village.

Nomarch Sixth Eferu Stag Beetle - iaret governor of Tatlankel.  Bronze and copper scales, dark blue eyes.  Classically educated by Jhangmu, served in the Kheprikel garrison.  Noted as a lover of the arts.  Has a wife and a concubine.  Lover of Lamina.  Involved himself in selection of Dynastic Architect by surreptitiously advancing Kasumi as a candidate.

Slick - beastkin Belligedor crossbowman at Manse of Withdrawal.  Dead.  Last Belligedor to be killed by sova at the Manse.

Sugano Lama - apkallu monk and philosopher (historical).  Wrote influential sutta about the value of emptiness.

Suten-ka Anemhemti - iaret noble and former soldier.  Lived in YD5498.  Had a son, was subject to long illness, commissioned the construction of the Manse of Withdrawal.

Captain Sugar - papuga ship captain, white.  Captains the sloop Kyriake.

Swynwr - youngest hag who haunted Braith’s dreams.

Szyczypan Tuskspar - markotny ozrut historian, teacher, natural philosopher, mage and former sailor living on Street of Pacay in Moonstone. Slightly paunchy, hair in ponytail, spectacled.  Teaches courses on magic and ozrut culture. Also writes informative discourses for publication.

Commander Tahoment - iaret commander in the Band of Death, fought in the Gate War, more professional than most soldiers in Bracken.  Heavy features, oily topknot.

Ta-ka - iaret Belligedor crossbowman at Manse of Withdrawal.

Takeshi - fish.  Purchased by Kasumi from apkallu fishermen in Apsu Shining.  Adventured with her in sunken Yaskel.  Later eaten by Kasumi.

“The Tall Bookbinder” - tylwyth bookbinder and Gale agent in Scales of Gold.  Decoded the Marchioness’ journals for Eiiwen.

“The Tallest” - tylwyth emissary of Chimes.  Dark-robed with a cloth mask.  Very tall even for a tylwyth.  Apparent leader of Garnoc’s entourage.

Tasty Kiwi - ptak.  May bear a grudge against the Marchioness and have murdered her agents in Sharkhowl.

Dynast-in-waiting Tawrem - iaret man, ship captain.  Captain of the Boundless Celebration Upon Victory.  Foppish epicurean, drinks a lot, doesn’t do a lot of captaining.

Tegryn aep Ifran - iaret man, warrior, father of Govannon and Braith.  Slain during Gate War.  May have made an oath to the Absent Royalty involving Govannon.

Teodora - elder markotny woman of Broken Horn.  Before the settlement’s destruction, she was a wise and learned leader, and participated in the blood-mixing ritual that changed Kasimir.  Returned to Broken Horn to live in the ruins, probably dead now.

Uru Reio - human man druid from Wandering Islands.  Bronze skin, wears bone fetishes.  Met Mediolanu on one of the magnate’s voyages, helped him while shipwrecked.  Showed vision of the Tangles to the travelers.

Bloodlord Vaccarell - soldati commander of the Extinguishers regiment.  Probably killed with the encirclement and destruction of his regiment late in the Gate War.

Vaervain Forecold - human man artificer.  Dark, greying hair, trimmed beard.  Possesses magical suit of armor.  Adeptus in the Cerulegilt.  Arranged attack and destruction of Mediolanu’s mansion to steal some papers.

Veeriti - iaret warlock and cultist of the Fathomless in the Father’s congregation.  Went against the Father in attempting to subvert the First Servant’s aide rather than Bekkar himself.  Killed by the travelers indirectly at the behest of Lamina’s patron.

Viator - human magewright of avayav in Pumptown.

“The Voice of the Gale” - tylwyth Gale leader in Keltokel.  Always spoke via magical means while hidden.

Wanda - markotny woman of Ireneuzski, originally from Broken Horn.  Had a brother Jurek once, related to Kasimir somehow.  Known for her sharp and sarcastic manner.  Upthrust horns, lined face, might have a child.

Wewet - iaret mother of Wewet “Princess” and Kasmut, married Hemet Maut’s son, who may have been Alu.  Was not from Ameryswald, extremely beautiful, talented spellcaster.  Died shortly after Kasmut’s birth.  May have been the hierodule seen in Braith’s dream.  Referred to as “holy highness” by her would-be assassin.

Wewet “Princess” - iaret priestess in training, granddaughter of Maut, older sister of Kasmut and associate of the travelers.  Sharp-tongued and superior personality.  Parchment-colored skin, bright green eyes, a budding beauty.  Entered training at the Temple of Renewed Praise in Keltokel.

Rinpoche Wong Tao - siluriform apkallu monk and philosopher.  Rotund and jolly.  Candidate for Dynastic Architect, supported by the noble faction.

Yonten - cyprinid apkallu fisherman in Widpool.  Traps crabs.  Father of a former lover of Kasumi.

Zeeger - human farmer in Ameryswald, broad-brimmed straw hat, spokeman for the farmers.  Husband of Inge.