Songs performed by Kasumi that were either described but not given music or lyrics, or made use of already existing music (not my own midi arrangements).

Kasumi's Introduction

Played at Borland's House, Vlaytok, shortly after meeting the rest of the party for the first time. Begins with a spoken-word segment where Kasumi describes a small, helpless fish fascinated with a bloodthirsty shark, compelled to follow it despite understanding the attraction could be fatal.

Stranger (loosely conceptually based on Goldfrapp - Stranger)

Played in the engine car of the Keizai Princess on Fryderyk's request. Leaving her shamisen in the passenger car, Kasumi was required to sing acapella and tried to use the pulse of the engine as a metronome. The lyrics of the song are rather abstract, but it's clear that they are from the perspective of a man who has traveled the world searching after a beautiful stranger he met on a train.

Lucky Strike

An instrumental-only shamisen piece performed by Kasumi while busking on a street corner in Ranute's Gifts. A blazing fast song with multiple shredding segments, intended to showcase Kasumi's shamisen mastery. The third string snapped during the final phrase. Kasumi went on to tell the story of how this piece was composed, detailing a situation where her then-boyfriend crawled through her window in the dead of night, petitioning her to work on a song with him after he "hallucinated an idea" after eating too many bowls of noodles.

Akai Hana Shiroi Hana

Played as the final song of Kasumi's performance at the Festival of Apsu. An adaptation of a famous poem by the apkallu poet Mingyur. The song details the exchanging of flowers between lovers and all that it implies, and was used to channel the plant growth spell to cover the stage in blooms.


An instrumental-only shamisen piece performed by Kasumi to entertain guests at Serevey's gala (and provide an adequate distraction for Hozysh to rob the master bedroom).