Songs performed by Kasumi that I have written lyrics for.

Turn Blue Red

Played at the Grand Lodge, Calcite. Kasumi debuts an original piece inspired by her intimate encounters with Fryderyk. Half of it is written in common, half of it is in her native tongue (apkallu) and spoken along with the melody. The chorus in common suggests the singer's actual words or openly displayed feelings. The apkallu verses utilize a structure that is more often used for writing than speaking. A listener speaking both languages should interpret these phrases as inner thoughts, unspoken desires or even parts of a letter.

Mournful hearth-tender,
Your blood burns like hot coals.
Slowly, deep breath in,
Quicker, shaky breath out.

Turn blue red,
You're always in my head~
Why don't you look this way,
I need to make you stay~

"Kiss me again"
Pleads the foothill at the looming mountain.
What's that look you're giving me?
I'll tell the story of the blue man who turned red.

Turn blue red,
I want you in my bed~
Why don't you come to me,
You're always in my dreams~

I want to see you in a light,
That burns through all pretension.
We could be lovers tonight,
But not lovers tomorrow