Race: Ozrut
Age: Unknown
Height: 7'5"
Weight: 510lb
Class: Barbarian

Occupation: Bodyguard
Skills: Magic detection, maul and axe proficiency

Likes: Baths, small cute animals (secretly)
Dislikes: His chronic pain, his insomnia, small talk
The result of a partly botched attempt at combining a rumiany and markotny ozrut - an agonized, unfortunate creature with subpar intelligence but incredible strength. He seems to be a conduit for incredibly powerful, but incredibly unstable magic. He presently works as a guard for the King of Roots and Rafters.
An ozrut of few words, he usually only speaks when spoken to or when he is acting on some order from his master. He seems to have no need of sleep or stimulation and spends days at a time standing at the door he's been tasked to guard without moving a muscle. When he does speak, his speech is slow and strained-sounding. His common is heavily-accented and somewhat broken, and he prefers to speak in ozrut wherever possible. With an unchanging expression and a tendency not to react to most stimulus, it's difficult to tell how aware he is at times.
A formidable-looking ozrut of elder appearance with grown-in upper tusks. Blue skin with a greenish undertone is broken up by errant stripes of red - most are not aware of what he actually is and assume him to be a strange markotny with tattoos, body paint, scars or even unusual birthmarks. Small eyes set deep in his skull are shadowed by a prominent, sagging brow. On the rare occasion they are glimpsed, his irises are green. Unkempt white tresses fall about his shoulders and cascade down his back. The stripes on his body glow with a magenta hue when his magical abilities are unleashed.
> He has little need for recreation, but his one remaining pleasure in life is bathing. He enjoys bath houses and hot springs and experimenting with bath additives. It is unknown if this is a remnant of the person he used to be.
> The desire for intimacy fled him long ago with his creation, effectively making him aromantic and asexual. He still appreciates the company of comrades he respects.
> Full name is Kazimierz - he is likely to introduce himself as such, but it's a mouthful for non-ozrut who refer to him by his nickname, Kasimir.