Long ago, in the miasmic jungles of the north, there arose the iaret, lifted up by the Father of Serpents. With the aid of the oceanic apkallu of the Mor Dyfn to the east, they raised a great civilization. They explored from horizon to horizon, as Geb intended. In their great history, they saw fire burn the homelands of the humans in the west to ash and desert. They saw a star fall into the Mor Dyfn and shatter the earth there into islands. They subjugated the wild beastkin and saw the ozrut and ptak emerge from their mountain hideaways and the muruch from their ocean grottos to trade their treasures and secrets. They excavated the bones of the City of Cities, and for a time held sway over the known earth.

But the Lord of Cycles rules even the chosen of Geb, and their time has passed. They have retreated to their jungle cities in decadent torpor and other races now discover what it means to have dominion over the lands. Throughout the west and south, the humans squabble over political philosophy. The islands are a cauldron of races and magic, wracked by storms and piracy. And at the heart of it all, the City of Cities still stands on the bones of its earlier incarnations.

The years have seen many wars since the iaret retreated as nations and races fight for land and treasure. An uneasy peace held sway when, fifteen years ago, the soldati came. Invaders from another plane, they brought the known earth almost to its knees in the Gate War before they were cut off from their homeworld and defeated by the nations of this world working in concert. It is said that other strange visitors, the tylwyth, were at the heart of this counterattack, their motives inscrutable. They too are now trapped on this plane.

But this victory was not to last. In a mad conflict known as the Spasm, the nations fell upon each other after the defeat of the soldati, using new weapons, technologies and magics from the Gate War to wrack the land and its people. It has been five years since the Spasm. The wounds of that war cut deep into Geb and those who dwell upon it are slowly knitting. The nations once again turn their eyes from their own hurts and look to their neighbors for trade, alliance, and advantage.

Still at the center of it all is ancient Keltokel, the City of Cities. Now free of rule besides its own, it is a place for all to gather, to trade and intrigue, and surely it has a role to play in writing the fate of the known earth.

Alternatively, click here for a storybook adaptation of the history of Geb.
A site to catalog information and documents relating to D&D homebrew campaign, Marchioness, Memento Mori. Campaign uses the 5E ruleset with its classes, mechanics and (flavored and edited) bestiary, but takes place in an unique universe with custom races, nations and characters. Some parts of the site such as the world documents, race articles and character pages are written in a way that can be enjoyed by anyone, but session recaps are story-specific materials that are not especially accessible to non-players at this stage.
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