Bogumir's chest shakes, but this time instead of a snarl, it's a deep "hoo hoo hoo" of bitter laughter.  "If I died tomorrow,
what I've done would live on, even if just in story.  I'm glad she's dead, but it changes nothing of what happened."

As the apkallu withdraws, however, he gives her no space.  The ruddy giant leans forward on his throne, still head and shoulders above Kasumi. 
"And that's the gift you bear this time, eh?  Healing?"  He lifts her chin with the first knuckle of a thick, gnarled finger so she has to meet his eyes, glowering under bushy white brows. 
His thumb touches her plump lower lip, red on black.  "Will your magic put another horn on my head?  Will it mend the humiliation I've suffered? 
Will it make a cruel brigand into the honorable man your flattery names me?"