Race: Tylwyth
Age: Ageless (?), appears 30s
Height: 6'8"
Weight: Unknown
Class: Sorcerer

Occupation: Spy, Assassin, Strategist
Skills: Healing magics, destructive magics, swordplay, information gathering, military strategy, ontological philosophy

Likes: Pragmatism, expounding on the nature of being, dangerous women, keeping a low profile, revenge
Dislikes: Ideologues, frivolity, misguided religiosity, mercy
Eiiwen’s origins are lost in the mysterious nature of the tylwyth home plane. Surely, she must have been young once? She herself might cryptically claim that there has always been an Eiiwen but all things must have a beginning, mustn’t they?

Whatever the truth of this matter, Eiiwen was an early arrival to Geb, helping lay the groundwork for the Gale Galere, the clandestine network which would play a strong role in ending the Gate War. Like many such lone arrivals, her activities made sense only in hindsight. Targeted killings, support for unassuming mortals who would one day become leaders against the invasion, even seemingly prescient investments into trading companies or factories, all these percolated in her wake.

Her grandest project was to be her seeming downfall. Eiiwen became the advisor, then lover of a minor noble who’d achieved some lucky victories against unsuspecting soldati forces. The so-called Marchioness Sebastienne Goeth, under Eiiwen’s careful tutelage, helped turn back soldati conquests in Balt and Bracken. However during the chaos and mad bloodshed of the Spasm, their partnership was sundered acrimoniously. Eiiwen was left with only the curse of Lucidity, while the Marchioness continued her plots. It was during this period of recovery that Eiiwen tapped into the powers of Gebbite faith, bending divine magics to her will.

With the assistance of others with a vendetta against the Marchioness, Eiiwen slew her former lover years later.  This uncovered an ongoing conspiracy by the disgraced noble’s henchmen to carry out her plans posthumously. While raiding a secret lab in the Stone above Keltokel, Eiiwen attempted to gain control of a magical force from the Marchioness’ minions but was prevented by one of her own allies, and fell to her death in the struggle.
A pragmatic bent tempers Eiiwen’s intellectualism. While she grasps the paradoxes of existence, they trouble her little in her relentless drive toward her goals. She will happily expound on high-minded matters, but never in a way that her interlocutor might expect. Questions are turned back on their originators to reveal that she is only a lens by which answers might come into focus.

Even for one so ancient, Eiiwen has a sensual side. Existence is savored, whether in fine wine, or the simpler pleasure of a warm campfire on a cold night. The Marchioness was well-known as a debauched hedonist after the Gate War, but Eiiwen must have either matched her or kindled such tastes.
As befits a spy, Eiiwen favored drab, unassuming garb for the most part: dark robes and a full mask to hide her face like other tylwyth. She took the Marchioness’ crown when she killed her former lover, and wore it as a trophy. During that encounter she lost her hand, to have it replaced with a finely carved live wood prosthetic that boosted her magical ability.

Beneath her veil, Eiiwen appears much younger than her experience. She wears her auburn hair long, and the only imperfections on her features are scars from her time fighting the soldati. She was Lucid for almost a decade, aging during that period, but it did little to diminish her unseen beauty.
> Espionage demands codenames and aliases. For a time Eiiwen went by “the Queen of Teeth.”
> Eiiwen was briefly mistaken for the Marchioness by both Barbarac’s cult and the agents of the King of Roots and Rafters.
> The Marchioness’ memory of Eiiwen’s face was strong and complete enough to inflict a high degree of Lucidity even after years apart.
> Though she never said so, Eiiwen considered Princess a protege of sorts, and influenced the girl’s path in the priesthood of Geb.